Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is an essential part of property management, aiming to ensure the proper functioning and good condition of the property. Competent property maintenance is necessary for residents to enjoy a comfortable and safe living environment.

At Tapiolan Lämpö, we are here to assist residents through our maintenance on-call service every day of the year, regardless of the time.

We provide professional and versatile property maintenance in the capital region: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and their surrounding areas. We strive to be genuinely close to our customers, so our property maintenance units, Tapiolan Lämpö, Olarin Huolto, and Kiinteistöhuolto MAK, are operationally ready throughout the entire metropolitan area.

Our expertise covers all types of properties and the entire life cycle of building technology. In addition to daily technical property maintenance, we also provide specialized skills for installations and maintenance that require specific expertise. We take care of both regular and periodic maintenance, as well as monitoring, servicing, and troubleshooting of building systems. Our goal is to solve problems before they arise, ensuring the functionality of your property.

Why to choose Tapiola Heat’s property maintenance?
Effortless Interaction

We believe in seamless collaboration, so as our customer, you get to enjoy simplicity and smooth communication. We aim to break the perception that dealing with a maintenance company is challenging. We have our own skilled customer service team always ready to assist. Additionally, we provide convenient electronic channels, allowing residents of your property to easily manage housing-related matters. For example, maintenance requests, sauna schedules, and parking-related issues can be effortlessly handled electronically, making transactions pleasant and trouble-free.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service, ensuring that unexpected situations are handled smoothly. We are committed to providing high-quality services and building long-term relationships with our clients.

Designated Property Caretaker

A designated property caretaker takes care of tasks related to your property. They are familiar with the needs and situations of your property. Additionally, our customers have a named supervisor who acts as the property caretaker’s superior, overseeing the coordination of property maintenance activities and ensuring smooth progress.

Our goal is to build long and trusting relationships with our clients, which is why we arrange regular meetings with them to continuously monitor and assess their needs and the needs of their properties.

Versatile Services – A Multi-Service Company

Thanks to our diverse range of services, we can provide assistance in various situations that a housing company may face, enhancing the overall living experience. For example, our comprehensive landscaping service can not only maintain outdoor areas and handle snow removal but also design courtyard spaces and renovate playgrounds. Our property repair unit can assist residents and housing companies in both smaller renovation projects and larger HPAC projects.

All service packages are always discussed in collaboration with the customer.

We have made becoming our customer as easy as possible. Explore how the process unfolds:

Quotation and Site Survey

In the first phase, we conduct a comprehensive site survey and prepare a quotation for services tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to understand your needs and the requirements of your property, ensuring that the service package we offer meets your expectations.

Kickoff Meeting

Once the decision is made and the contract is signed, we arrange a kickoff meeting where you will meet your designated supervisor and property caretaker. During the meeting, we go through the specific characteristics of your property together. Additionally, practical matters such as escape routes and key management are discussed. At the same time, we clarify future communication channels.

If the housing company adopts Huolto-Emma, we introduce its use during the meeting. Huolto-Emma provides the opportunity to monitor the housing company’s maintenance calendar, agreed-upon tasks, and consumption meters.

Regular Meetings

In the future, we aim to meet our customers regularly. This enables us to maintain good communication and ensure that our services continuously meet your needs. During these meetings, we can also discuss service improvement, provide feedback, and address any questions you may have. Our goal is to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with our customers.

Do you need our help?

Our Sales Managers, Jasmin and Purtsi, are happy to assist you! You can also submit a quote request using the form below.
Jasmin KalmariSales Manager, Property Maintenance+358 20 750 5399
Mika PurhoSales Manager, Property Maintenance+358 20 750 5324

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