Responsible and

efficient landscaping services in the metropolitan area

We offer high-quality outdoor and landscaping services in the metropolitan area using modern and responsible methods.

Is your outdoor area in need of new plantings or a total refresh? Or perhaps there’s a tree that has stood witness to the passage of time. Whether the challenge is big or small, we’re here to help!
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Inspections of playground equipment and play areas

Safety comes first. We provide comprehensive safety inspections for playground equipment and play areas, accompanied by a clear and detailed report.

Removal of invasive species

Finland is home to several harmful invasive plant species that pose risks to both humans and the surrounding environment. For example, giant hogweeds can grow large and cause skin irritations. The spread of beach rose and Himalayan balsam is rapid, displacing local plants and reducing biodiversity. Rose hips, Japanese knotweed, lupine, and Canadian waterweed are also problematic invasive species that compete with native plants and can harm the environment. It is important to monitor and control these plant species to limit their impact on nature.

If you suspect that there is a harmful invasive species growing in your garden and you want it removed safely and reliably, we professionally and safely handle the job for you!

Garden Consultations

We offer garden consultation services, which always include a comprehensive garden tour with the client. During the tour, you will receive expert guidance on plant choices, care for plantings, and any other questions related to your garden.

From the garden consultation, we can provide a written summary at your request, which you can use as a reference if you decide to independently implement the suggested improvements.

Green Care Plans

Give your garden the necessary care and support for growth. It’s not always necessary to start from scratch; with our help, even an old garden can be rejuvenated. The Green Care Plan includes a comprehensive vegetation survey, a clear map of planting areas, and specific care instructions for each plant species.

In addition to the Green Care Plan, we also offer garden design services for problem areas if needed

Garden Design and Implementation

Your dream garden is just a step away! We create garden and planting plans according to your preferences, taking the growing environment into account. Whether it’s the entire garden area or a specific part, the plans are drawn up using professional landscape design software and delivered to you in a convenient PDF format.

You can also entrust the implementation process to our skilled hands or, with the detailed plan, carry out the actions independently.

Tree Condition Assessments

Our experienced team conducts thorough tree condition assessments, which include tree inspections, a maintenance plan for trees requiring pruning, and recommendations for the removal and replacement of trees. If necessary, an arborist can perform micro-drilling or ultrasound examinations on trees to identify potential decay within the trunk. We also provide forestry work through our services.

Advisory Services and Supplies for Yard Cleanups

Do you need help organizing a yard cleanup event? Our experts are here for you! We’ll guide you on plant fertilization, selecting the right growing medium, and the proper care pruning of trees and shrubs. Our advisory services are also available on the day of the volunteer event, ensuring that the day is maximally productive.

You can also order supplies for your condominium’s yard before the volunteer day. We deliver desired equipment such as rakes, wheelbarrows, work gloves, and sacks for garden waste..

Advisory service for landscaping projects

Do you want to make the outdoor areas of your housing complex greener? Our green experts are ready to provide advice and supervision. We participate in meetings and conduct inspection visits regarding plants and growing mediums to ensure a beautiful and pleasant environment.

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