Apartment maintenance and alteration work notification

Before carrying out any maintenance or alteration work, the renovator is obligated to notify the housing company about the intended work. This notification requirement aims to protect the rights of both the renovator and other shareholders. The notification for alteration work is always free of charge, but shareholders are responsible for potential costs associated with necessary additional inquiries. We will retain the alteration work notification along with its documentation and record the details of the alteration work in the property manager’s certificate.

The prices for comprehensive and basic notifications include the processing of necessary additional inquiries related to the alteration work. These inquiries encompass tasks such as reviewing the contractor’s documentation to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and verifying adherence to payment obligations mandated by the contractor’s regulations. We approve the notification through the housing company’s board, following the guidelines of the respective housing company.

We offer guidance to the shareholder before commencing alteration work, highlighting the factors to be considered. We also stress the importance of adhering to good construction practises. It is crucial that renovations are executed correctly and subjected to proper supervision.

We handle alteration notifications on a case-by-case basis.

You’ll find the link for submitting the alteration notification after the notification descriptions. As you scroll down, you’ll also come across instructions and examples. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find the link for ordering the required inspections for your alteration work.

Cases that do not require notification

  • Wallpapering, painting, smoothing, and sanding
  • Hanging pictures
  • Replacing kitchen wall cabinets, if it doesn’t affect ventilation ducts or tile backsplash
  • Installing a washing machine in an existing damp area with laundry connections
  • Constructing or removing built-in furniture, such as hallway cabinets or wardrobes
  • Removing, changing, or installing refrigerators, freezers, cold cabinets, or microwave ovens
  • Replacing a range hood with carbon-filtration, if not integrated into the ventilation system, and has a plug connection
  • Removing intermediate doors

Basic notification – 50,00€

• Renewing or repairing a floor surface that’s permanently glued or attached. Shareholders should also consider factors like impact sound insulation and asbestos testing in buildings constructed before 1994

• Replacing kitchen base cabinets or the sink, tiling or paneling the backsplash

• Relocating or adding electrical sockets

• Installing dishwashers and washing machines

• Changing faucets, hand basins, or toilet seats

• Attachments made through waterproofing

• Installation of a sauna stove

• Insallation of a stove and oven

• Alterations to exterior doors, such as installing a peephole or a security lock

• Home modifications according the Disability Services Act, please note: no processing fee

Comprehensive notification – 100,00€

• Renovation, construction, or removal of toilets, bathrooms, and saunas

• Constructing a backyard terrace to a row house

• Erecting a garden building or shed

• Installing balcony glazing

• Converting a bathtub area into a shower corner

• Adding a separate ventilation fan in the kitchen or utility areas

• Installing, altering, or removing devices related to drainage, domestic water, electricity, heating, or ventilation systems

• Installing heating elements like radiators or underfloor heating, and hot water tanks

• Changing the surface of the balcony floor

• Modifying load-bearing structures (requires a building permit)

• Installing, altering, or removing a range hood connected to ventilation system

• Retrofitting a fireplace or stove (requires a building permit)

• Converting non-residential space into residential space (requires a building permit)

• Other works requiring a building permit or construction permission

• Installing or removing fixed electrical wiring with documentation responsibility on the shareholder

• Relocating an antenna socket or constructing a personal antenna, as well as moving or adding electrical sockets

• Installation of an air heat pump

• Demolishing, relocating, or constructing new lightweight partition walls with electrical or similar wiring (documentation responsibility for the shareholder)

• Works requiring water shut-off, such as adding or relocating laundry or dishwasher connection valves (documentation responsibility for the shareholder) 

Regarding other renovations, please verify the notification requirement with your housing company’s board. If necessary, you can order the apartment’s floor plan through lupapiste.fi

For more complex alteration and maintenance projects architectural, structural, HVAC, or electrical plans are required. Additionally, alterations requiring a building permit always necessitate planning.

Here you can submit an alteration work notification to Tapiolan Lämpö Group:

You will be transferred to the alteration work notification system. Within a few minutes of submitting the notification, you’ll receive an automatic email message confirming the registration of your notification. If you need assistance with submitting the alteration work notification, you can contact Outi Peuraniemi tel. +358293500291.

You can order the alteration work supervision here:
Additional information for renovators:

Guide for Home Renovator (PDF)