Tapiolan Lämpö Group

Competent Property Services in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area – with expertice and dedication

Tapiolan Lämpö Group provides property management, maintenance services, landscaping, renovation and HVAC services and also technical experts services in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

There is three companies in the Tapiolan Lämpö Group: the parent company Tapiolan Lämpö Oy, Olarin Huolto Oy and Kiinteistöhuolto MAK Oy.

The Group employs nearly 400 professionals.

Tapiolan Lämpö is founded in 1956 and it has 114 shareholders, of which 111 are residential and property companies in the Tapiola area.

Who we are and where we are heading?

A service-minded approach is not inherent; it is cultivated through working together.

Throughout our history, we have maintained and managed people’s homes
– in 65 years, we have built some of Finland’s longest resident relationships in housing companies and developed a unique understanding of Finnish everyday life and building base.

We provide profitable and sustainable resident services to individuals, housing companies, and investors.

Our community background is strong and unique in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, as we can also call residents our owners. We were born out of the need for warm homes, which is why housing companies still own a significant part of our company.

Our goal is to be a local and heartfelt partner for all residents throughout the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Our services cover the needs of residents and properties, from property management to maintenance and various expert services. We act with expertice and dedication. We want people to live in pleasant and smoothly functioning housing communities. Satisfied residents also increase the overall value of the property.

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