Hausvise is an extremely user-friendly property management ERP system that enhances communication between various stakeholders in housing associations and property managers while enabling the implementation of customer service for housing associations. The introduction of Hausvise’s resident services offers our customers versatile opportunities to manage matters related to their housing and living effortlessly through one digital channel. Through the resident portal, the housing association’s board can access the same information as the property manager, increasing transparency in our operations.

By using the Hausvise portal, housing associations can save both money and the environment. You can conveniently receive housing association notices, letters, and general meeting invitations from one place without the need for additional paper mail. This simplifies interactions and helps all of us reduce paper waste.

Opportunities provided by Hausvise for shareholders and members of the housing association’s board:

For shareholders, Hausvise offers versatile opportunities to view their own maintenance fee invoices, follow housing association-related notices, and manage their own finances.

Members of the board receive a comprehensive view of the housing association’s invoices, financial information, minutes of board meetings, and other important documents through the service.

You can log in to the Hausvise portal here:

When logging in for the first time, we will ask you to grant permissions for electronic transactions so that we can transfer the necessary information to the electronic system. Please note that each shareholder needs to grant permissions for electronic transactions.

In the video, Juuli and Vili demonstrate how the first login and interactions with the Hausvise service can be done.

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