Dealing with Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is needed when you handle affairs on behalf of another person.

For what purpose is a power of attorney needed?

If someone else is coming on your behalf to pick up, for example, the keys to a heating post, a laundry card, or mail, you need to create a power of attorney. Also, reserving or canceling a parking space or sauna shift also requires a power of attorney if someone else is handling the matter on your behalf.

Please note, that there may be restrictions on the use of powers of attorney. For example, you should first contact your landlord regarding the pickup of keys and ensure that you can use a power of attorney for the transaction. Always confirm with the property manager regarding matters related to property management to ensure the appropriateness of using a power of attorney in a particular situation. We operate in this way for your safety.

Kuinka annan valtakirjan?

You can create an informal power of attorney or use Tapiola Heat’s power of attorney templates for assistance. You can find the power of attorney templates at the bottom of this page.

If you use an informal power of attorney, it must include the following:

  • Name and personal identification number of the grantor of the power of attorney
  • Name and personal identification number of the authorizee
  • Address of the residence for which matters the power of attorney is handeling
  • Scope of authority granted by the power of attorney
  • Signature and printed name of the grantor of the power of attorney
  • Place and date

When someone else is handeling your business you alweys need to sent a power of attorney as an attachment to our email at We hope the message is titled as “Authorization for Example Street 1A1” to facilitate quick identification.

Power of attorney templates

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